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It is not easy to express yourself in a foreign language, especially when you need to write something.
In addition to the problem of using the right words and the correct form, there is also doubt and confusion about grammar points: spelling, endings, tenses…
In spoken language we don’t always worry too much about these kinds of mistakes as we can generally make ourselves understood but, in writing, the mistakes are all there in black and white, so are much more noticeable.
They transmit approximation, superficiality and incompetence to the reader…
On the other hand, a letter written correctly communicates reliability and professionalism.
This website was inspired by the desire to provide everyone who works in hotels with a tool that enables them to write correct, professionally valid letters with no trouble.

Have you ever needed to write a hotel letter in a foreign language and had trouble getting a correct translation?
Have you ever been overcome with doubts as to how to structure sentences or make agreements?
If the answer is yes, this is the right website for you.
You have letters available to fit the most common situations.
There are also sentences for all specific requirements, which can be selected by type or by text searching.
A small dictionary with the main terms used in formulating hotel letters or messages completes the package we offer.
All, naturally, in five languages.

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1. Choose the starting and final languages.
2. Choose the type of search: letter, sentence or free text.
3. Identify the texts to be translated.
4. Translate!

With this website you will be able to write letters to hotel guests without doubts or mistakes, communicating clearly and confidently.
It will help you in your everyday work and become a precious and essential point of reference.

Hotel letters are often essential, formal and cold, like typical business letters.

However, hoteliers do not contact companies but people, and do not offer a product that the guest can see, touch and try, but a service, a memory, an idea…

These two elements ensure that the letters, as well as being essential information of a business nature, must also contain personalised elements, which make the guest want to buy the services offered.

A letter often acts as a first business card, the first element with which the potential guest starts to form an opinion on the services that the hotel is offering.

It transmits your thoughts, underlines your abilities and, if used properly, is an effective sales tool.

Keep up the good work!